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Pursuing my passion: the finale

I spent the next several months of 2019 learning about different styles and genres of photography. I came across the Horses in Focus podcast for equine photographers (take a look at their Facebook page here). I thought to myself, “what?!? People are making a living by taking portraits of people and horses; SIGN ME UP.”

I'm fortunate that horses have always been part of my life (my mom is a horse girl too). And it only seemed natural that I pursue this genre of work.

I started with a few model calls in late 2019 and it was during this session that I said, “I can and will do this.” Below is a portrait from that session with Vicke and Katalina. It continues to be one of my favorite portraits.

I built a small, effective portfolio, continued to study business and pursue additional learning opportunities for my new business venture. I formed my LLC which was scheduled to take effect January 2020.

I was so excited to HAVE MY OWN BUSINESS.

I went down to south Florida to stay with family in Jupiter so I could be closer to Wellington during the Winter season. Everything was rocking and rolling and then BAM, Covid hit the US.

While Florida has been one of the least restrictive states regarding the pandemic, all horse shows shutdown.

I had no idea what I was going to do.

Most barns that I was connected with cutback to essential workers only and visitors were not permitted.

So here I was with a brand new business and no work.

I went back to studying and crafted a fresh new website. I continued to absorb everything I could about the good, the bad and the ugly surrounding business ownership. And I certainly learned a lot about myself during this time.

It was tough, but my business survived. If you want to read more about my first year, take a look at this blog here.

Talk soon,



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