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HAPPY first birthday ehp

WOW! What a year we went through in 2020!

Each of us experienced our own journey, none of which are less impactful than the other. To those who felt struggles and challenges, I feel your pain with you and wish you nothing but brighter skies ahead.

One thing I often tell myself is, “this too shall pass.” And I use this as a reminder during both the good and bad times.

While I experienced and overcame struggles during 2020 in my personal life, I wanted to share special moments from EHP because it’s my FIRST birthday!

Have you ever launched a business and then weeks later entered a pandemic? Yeah, me too! It was a real surprise; not the good kind like when your husband brings home goodies like scratch cards or candy bars. Darn it.


Regardless, here is how EHP persisted and thrived during 2020.

I participated in my very first book club, hosted by my friend Amber, of Finch Real Estate Company.

The first few books we read were The Go Giver Series by Bob Burg & John David Mann. After reading these, I knew I wanted to run my business like this! By giving more than I expected in return and always leading with kindness. This approach has brought me so much joy and happiness, I would recommend this series to EVERYONE!

Photo by Abby Liga

Another FUN surprise was having one of my photos in Volume One of the Calling All Horse Girls magazine. Photo taken at the wonderful central Florida farm, HH Gypsy Vanners

Photo by Abby Liga

I am proud to have my work featured in this brand new magazine and help another fellow female pursue her dreams in the equestrian industry. Shout-out to Emmie for having me!


I also fulfilled one of my dreams from my vision board of photographing a grey horse in a Studio Avant-Garde session. The first inspiration photo is from my vision board and the second is from the studio session.

Photo taken at Copper Light Farm in Vero Beach Florida


And the cherry on top is helping to create The Equestrians of Color Photography Project

which was designed to amplify the voices of riders who are of color.

Photo above featuring EOC participant, Isabella Dean from Wellington, Florida

Photo above featuring EOC participant, Miles Poola-Or from Winter Park, Florida.

I am so happy to have become friends with an amazing group of professionals in the industry and my relationships with the participants is going to continue to be lifelong and eye opening.


There was SO MUCH MORE packed into 2020, but we'll save that for later.

To my clients who I consider friends and my family, I am incredibly grateful and happy to feel at home in my new career. It wouldn’t be possible without you all!

Happy first birthday to EHP.


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