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"Everything is Beautiful When You Look Through the Right Lens."

Erica Hills

Optimism and joy are staples in both my personal and professional life. Enjoying our time together is one of my goals for our photography session because time is a precious commodity that we can't renew.


Together, we will tailor your dream photography session with your horses and/or dogs and design stunning wall art throughout your home & stable

 for guests to admire.

The horse enthusiast who is also an art collector will be delighted by what's offered in The Boutique.


equestrian inspired fine art for the discerning collector

The Painted Collection I

Fine art selections, crafted by Erica to suit your space.

The love of a horse is something all humans are capable of sharing. Horses emit an energy whether you're in their physical presence or view them daily through art. You deserve to feel that energy in your space.

Fine art selections are large-scale, limited pieces printed using metal or acrylic with your choice of natural edge or unique framing. Each piece is noted with the name, artist signature and edition number.

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erica hills


This lifelong "horse girl" and self-proclaimed, fanatic based in Florida, is ready to help equestrians around the world elevate their spaces with equine inspired wall art design.

I'm here to take the guesswork out of which portraits or art pieces look best on your walls.

From your studio apartment in the city to the iconic facility housing your Olympic level athlete in the horse capital of the world, there is a wall art option right for you.

Barn Owner & Horse Fanatic

there's a session for you


Show coverage is currently offered in Florida only.

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