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"Everything is Beautiful When You Look Through the Right Lens."

Erica Hills


A note from Erica

Optimism and joy are staples in both my personal and professional life. Enjoying our time together is one of my goals for our photography sessions because time is a precious commodity that we can't renew.


Together we will tailor your dream photography session with your horses and design stunning wall art throughout your home & stable

 for guests to admire.

I look forward to chatting with you!


      "The black background is such a clean and classic look; my favorite thing about this photo is that his little star and gray hairs stand out. It makes my heart melt."             


Celine & Vegas

     "There is a horse for every rider and a rider for every horse. This is one of my absolute favorite pictures from my shoot with Erica.


     This horse was always meant to be with me and I think she loves me just as much as I love her.


I feel this picture captures that."       


Vicke & Katalina

Erica Hills Equestrian Lifestyle Photogr