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Pursuing my passion

I’ve loved photography for nearly as long as I’ve loved horses. My mom was a hobby photographer for many years and she introduced me to the craft when I was in elementary school.

I remember bringing disposable cameras on field trips and being so fascinated by “capturing a moment in time,” something that would last long after the moment was over. I worked with disposable cameras for many years and then finally, my mom let me use her Nikon to work on a school project. She was very protective of this camera and it seemed like it was one of her prized possessions, so I could only use it with her assistance.

I don’t remember what year I got my first point and shoot digital camera, but I can tell you it was made by Canon. I wanted to be a little rebel (no pun intended) and get something different than my mom had.

Side note: long live the war between Canon and Nikon.

Being able to see the photo immediately after you clicked was VERY satisfying. Gone were the days of having to wait to develop film and hope you got some good shots. I took this camera (and the next) everywhere and took photos of anything at random.

It wasn’t until after college that I got my first dslr and it was then that I understood the connection and relationship that my mom had so many years prior with her camera. I was so proud to be the owner of a Canon 7D with a 100mm macro lens (this is a lens I still can’t part with).

I took myself on various adventures into nature to photograph wildlife, landscapes and of course anything up close and personal to really utilize the macro option on the lens.

I even went so far as to printing a canvas of a landscape and sharing a photo of it on my business Facebook page (2013).

I was ready to start a business back then! So what happened?

I got scared.

I got so scared that I wasn’t doing the “right thing,” that I needed to utilize my college degree (that I had convinced myself would make me more money). Because ya know, horse girls need money, right!?!

I had a few very challenging life chapters and fast forward to 2019. I had quit my fulltime job and decided to leave the counseling profession to pursue my passion…


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