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Martin luther king jr day 2022

It was May 2020 and I heard the news of the death of George Floyd. My blood was boiling, and, in the moment, I wasn’t even sure why. I cried for hours and felt outraged. This case of police brutality hit differently than others.

I’ve spent the majority of my professional counseling life working in high crime, high poverty areas which most often, unfortunately equates to a community of people of color. As a bi-racial female, I want better for my community. I thought I was doing the best I could by pursuing higher education and earning my MA in Counseling. I wasn’t “wrong,” but my path wasn’t unfolding how I had anticipated.

Fast forward, after experiencing burnout in a toxic work environment that I could no longer cope with, I left my fulltime job without a plan; I was lost. I spent time listening to business focused podcasts and had wonderful conversations with entrepreneurs (among many other things) which ultimately led to me starting Erica Hills Photography.

I didn’t know if I would fit in as a businesswoman.

I didn’t know if I would fit in as a photographer.

I didn’t know if I would fit in on social media.

I quickly realized that a lot of business owners (especially women and people of color) could use some support developing their confidence muscle, so that’s what I worked on.

I took the time and put effort into remembering who I am, what I offer the world and what I enjoy from life. And I took solitude in spending time doing those things. I filled my life bucket and was invigorated.

As time went on, people must have noticed my zest for life and I was invited to talk with other women in business on their various platforms.

I remember speaking about not fitting in, but realizing (after putting in the work to rebuild my confidence muscle) I could walk into a room and fit in wherever I wanted to be because I deserve that in life.

And you deserve it too.

There’s a lot more to unpack when we talk about current issues in our country, but the least I can do is start by sharing a seat at my table.

I want you to sit with me and I want us to learn from one another.


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