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There are ALWAYS things to be grateful for; family, friends, food, clothing etc. Pretty much, your basic needs being met which is most often the case here for us in America. Not always, but most often.

However, this is a post of gratitude for the people who enjoy my photography work. Thank YOU for sharing the photos that I’ve taken of you and your horse on social media. Thank YOU for printing your photos with me and hanging them on the walls in your home. It means so much to me, especially being a new business, that you enjoy what I have to offer.

Most recently, someone posted in a Facebook group for central Florida that they were looking for an equine photographer and at least 5 of my clients and friends tagged me. I was so touched, and I told my husband immediately, look at all of these people who thought of me!

I had a lovely chat with the woman that evening and the next day about a studio session for her horses.

Thank you all SO MUCH, it means the world to me.

Cheers everyone and I’m excited to see you all again!


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