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bring it on 2022!

I really enjoy the new year; I like the feeling of a “fresh start” that everyone talks about. At the same rate, I recognize and appreciate the opportunity to make a fresh start anytime. It could be a random Wednesday and I’ll make a big life change just for fun. And I hope you feel the freedom to do the same.

I figured this would be a good time to share some new things with you and do a little bit of recapping from 2021.

First (and most important in my book), I bought a horse! She’s a Friesian/WB which is the breed I’ve been dreaming of owning for about 10 years now. I was able to find her for sale on Facebook AND in Florida which was a huge plus. My goal is to get her started with a good, solid dressage foundation and get her comfortable with going out on the trail, then see where we can go from there. Stay tuned for photos as I hope to get a session booked for us this year.

Since playing the role as official photographer for the dressage show at WEC Ocala in August of last year, I’ve decided to open the option of exclusive show coverage. This is an opportunity for riders to bring me along as their private photographer for dressage shows in Ocala or Wellington this season. Scheduling in advance is extremely important to allow time for me to discuss details with the show venue, management, and official photographer for each show. See what sessions I currently offer here.

Finally, as you may have heard, I launched the FIRST fine art series this month! Boy oh boy has this been an idea I’ve been playing in my head with since starting the business. I’m beyond excited to offer fine art sales and wall art design to collectors in the USA and Canada. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to have equine inspired art in their home, whether they own a horse or not. Watch closely because this is just the beginning as I strengthen my creative muscle, which has been a work in progress the last few years. You can find the new boutique here.

Here is a sneak peek of one of the limited edition, fine art pieces currently being offered:

As always, thank you so much for your support! Let’s rock 2022!


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