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We're proud to work with elite printing labs across America to bring you the finest quality without you ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

 Each piece is inspected for perfection. Florida homes and stables include art installation, while our other American and Canadians can rest assured with impeccable shipping. 

Choose a limited production piece from the fine art boutique or schedule a studio avant-garde session to create one of a kind portraiture of your own horse(s).

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The Metal 

The Metal Print is lightweight and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Metals are best for stables and homes that enjoy changing their decor from time to time.

The Acrylic

The Acrylic Print is best suited for indoor spaces that are climate controlled. These statement pieces are often printed large scale and are installed to last a lifetime.


Custom Frame

The Custom Frame is the perfect pick to elevate the charm of your home or tack room.

Frame selections range from clean and sleek to modern or ornate.

about your artist
Why I choose to print


I've always had a creative mind: I used to draw, paint, sing and take photos of everything! But I wanted to "play it safe" and pursue a career using my Psychology & Counseling degrees. After roughly 10 years in that field, my creative breath had been suffocated. I knew I needed to get back to what filled my heart and soul. 

I picked up my camera and started this journey and I'm so thankful you're here with me.

While we're surrounded by the demand for immediacy in our culture and put energy into posting nearly every aspect of life on social media, I invite you to slow down.

Creating portraits with your horses is a unique moment you’ll always remember. It’s not the same as a great training ride or a high score on show day.

Each session is tailored to you and your horses to give you peace of mind and joy to be felt throughout our time together.

No matter the session style you choose, portraits of you with your horses deserve the respect of permanency through print.

When you’re not able to travel to world-renowned art galleries in Miami, let the studio and gallery buying experience come to you.

Together we will design stunning collections throughout your space that will be admired by both you and your guests for a lifetime.

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