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Self Image

One of the most common reasons I find people are not booking photo sessions with their horses is due to the negative image they have of themselves. Not feeling in good enough shape, not feeling pretty, not wanting photos “at my age.”

One of the staples of my business is, “Everything is beautiful when you look through the right lens” and this is a mindset that we can all work on, especially as women. It’s about focusing on gratitude and being optimistic.

Being alive is a gift.

We will all face challenges and struggles in life that will impact us emotionally, physically, and/or mentally, do not let this stop you from the pursuit of anything you want from life.

I don’t love every single little detail about how I look, but I accept my body as a gift and a vehicle to help me get through this thing we call life.

And I surround myself with positive & supportive phrases in every space in my house to keep my mindset optimistic. For example, you will always find some kind of sticky note on my bathroom mirror. Below are some examples of what I may write for myself before a photo session with my own horses.

Give it a try: 1. I deserve these photos 2. Creating memories are worth it 3. Write at least one thing you love about yourself

Another important element is to find a photographer that you feel comfortable talking to about these things. Let them know features about yourself that you enjoy and those that you’re still working on. Your photographer will help highlight all the good things you love about yourself and your horse.

Horse and human harmony sessions are not beautiful because of how you and your horse look, they’re beautiful because of how you interact with one another. Because of the relationship and bond that you have built.

The glow that comes through your face when you look at your horse is priceless and deserves to be documented and cherished, just as much as any other special moment in your life.

Always remember: you matter, you count and you are enough.


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